Welcome Y'all!

A Little About Me

Seeing as this is our first post, I thought it best to introduce myself.  Some of you I've had the pleasure of meeting, and those I haven't, I greatly look forward to getting to know you.  In the future, you can check here for helpful tips, tricks, guidelines, and information on all things jewelry and watch purchase and care.  We hope you enjoy your time here and that we'll see you again soon!

I grew up moving around quite a bit with my family..every three years to be exact. Six years of my childhood was spent in Mississippi where I attended Northwest Rankin with my three siblings. It was during this time that my family became really close with the Sollbergers. I eventually began spending time in the store as part time holiday help, and would continue to do so for next the couple of years when I would come home from college. It was then that I began forging my future path (unbeknownst to me at the time) in the jewelry industry.

Fast forward to present day and it has now been five years that my family and I have taken over the shop. It has been a whirlwind process full of humility, growth, excitement, and love. I am so grateful to the community that has welcomed us with open arms and to Jacques and Edith, the very best mentors for which anyone could hope.

My husband, Kyle, son Jasper, daughter Jemma, and our two dogs, have now created our first home together here in Mississippi. Between the food, friendly folks, and the rich history we are thrilled to be starting our lives in a place that feels like a true community.

Thank you for stopping by our blog where our story unfolds both in and outside of the shop. We hope to welcome you into our lives as much as you have welcomed us into yours.