Erwin Sattler Clocks

“On March 4th, 1903 Heinrich Sattler received a patent for his design of a perpetual calendar.”

From that moment on, the Sattler family was marked with a distinct passion for building clocks of the highest quality and the finest materials. Heinrich Sattler, master clockmaker, went on to design the precise clock he wanted but was never able to find for sale. His adoration of clockmaking and the exacting standards he employed were passed down to his grandson, Erwin Sattler. Erwin shared his grandfather’s love for complicated and extraordinarily elegant clocks, leading him to establish Erwin Sattler, Munchen and then it’s American division, Erwin Sattler Clocks of America. 

In 2002, Erwin Sattler retired and handed over his life’s work to the next generation: daughter Stephanie Sattler-Rick and clockmaker Richard Müller. Together, they lead the company in the ideals and dreams the founder and the family that came before him: clocks so exquisite they can be passed from generation to generation.

Today, the precision clocks of the Erwin Sattler factory, produced in small batches, are regarded as the best in the world. Professionals as well as collectors consider them to be the standard for technical innovation, elegance and highest quality. Erwin Sattler only crafts clocks of the finest materials, such as Cherry, Walnut and Olive wood, Stainless Steel and African Granite.

This page includes some examples of the refined mastery the Erwin Sattler clock collection is known for. Each Sattler Clock is a blend of fine art, craftsmanship and scientific precision. Speak with a Sollberger associate to find out how one of these gorgeous clocks will compliment your home or be the perfect gift.

All Erwin Sattler Precision Pendulum Clocks are professionally installed by an Erwin Sattler Clocks representative.